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A list of classmates we have not been able to contact and a list of classmates who are deceased. 

CONTACT-  Send an email to either get or provide information.  

We appreciate your feedback and we are working hard to make this one of the best reunions ever.  GO BRAVES!

Mike Belcher, Patsy Lowery Turley

Mark Wiltshire and Ron Foster

Marilyn Hix Williams & Stormy


Just a few of the committee members at a planning meeting at Mike Belcher's Ranch.

The 55th Reunion for the great Tulsa Central Class of 1968 was a smashing success, and we are sincerely grateful for all those who attended, for those who so generously donated, even if they couldn't attend, and to all the committee for their hard work. 

As the Committee Chair, I wanted to thank committee members myself for their amazing dedication and work on this reunion. 

I know I say this at every Reunion, but the planning, while it does take a lot of work, is the really fun part.  It has given me a chance to connect with classmates that I didn’t really know in High School and we truly do have some of the most awesome people in our class.  
While I may be the glue that holds this motley crew together, but glue is no good if there is nothing to hold together, and we have a lot of people who are absolutely essential to the planning committee, so I want to give kudos (in no particular order) to those who have contributed to the success of this reunion.
Mike Belcher, this guy puts the “fun” in function.  His one objective, his primary goal is making sure that everyone has FUN! He and Beth hosted several meetings at their lovely home and the picnic on Sunday was off the hook.  I promise, it was well worth the drive to Mounds.  Also, I so appreciate his generosity and his assurances to me that “we will be fine.” 
To Ron and Roberta, who have been instrumental for years in searching for classmates and verifying contact information.  Ron is like a heat seeking missile and his ability to find classmates always astounds me.  
Also need to thank Barbie Teipel Raney, Cathey Evans Crow,  and Jerry Babb for helping Ron to verify contact information on classmates.  Thanks to these efforts, we mailed out over 200 registration letters and only received 4 returns!
Mark Wiltshire, my good buddy Markie.  Definitely could not do reunions without you.  Mark probably checked out more venues than a bride planning a wedding.  I think he contacted every venue in Tulsa searching for the best deal.  He’s also the one who got our DJ and the awesome spirit ribbons.  
Jim Gotwals is another essential and I absolutely could not do any of this without him.  He is our finance guru and I’m pretty sure he has managed our finances since the 10 year reunion.  So thanks for trying to keep our class finances legal and solvent.  I fear I may have given him a mini stroke when he saw the Banquet Event Order, but I told him Belcher assured me, we will be fine.  
To Mike Birkes and Dana, who were responsible for designing and printing the registration packet and reunion programs, and for providing the awesome playlist for Friday night.  They also hosted a committee meeting and treated us to the best Gumbo ever!
To Barbie Teipel Raney, Patsy, and Romalue Doughman Keith (who actually lives in Sarasota Florida and made it to one of our first committee meetings), thanks for putting together our goodie bags.  What a joy it was to hang with these awesome gals for an afternoon of fun and friendship!
To Scott Thomas - for stepping up to help look for venues and providing your boundless energy and school spirit to our planning meetings.  Thanks too for being our emcee tonight - there’s no better spokesperson for the Class of ’68.
Finally, to Cathey Evans Crow (who is an excellent proofreader), Lynne Stanley Caroon, Doug Oakes, Ken Hancock, Dianne Hiskett Frost, and Doris Marshall, for attending meetings and providing such valuable input into planning the reunion.  Every contribution is valuable and adds to the success of the reunion. 
Of course, none of this is possible without the generosity of our classmates.  We had over $6,000 in donations, which enables us to offer this amazing venue and food at an unbelievable price.  
So to the Tulsa Central Class of 1968 - you are the best ever!

Tulsa Central Class of 68 Committee (in alphabetical order) Jerry Babb, Mike Belcher. Michael Birkes, Lynne Stanley Caroon, Cathey Evans Crow, Romalue Doughman Keith, Ronnie Foster,  Jim Gotwals, Diana Hiskett Frost, Ken Hancock, Doris Lawrey Marshall, Doug Oakes, Barbara Teipel Raney, Scott Thomas, Patsy Lowery Turley, Marilyn Hix Williams, and Mark Wiltshire.

Many Thanks to the Committee.